Kuntavaalit 2017

Olen ehdolla numerolla 207, tule tapaamaan ja mukaan kampanjoimaan!

Lue lisää vaaliteemoistani ja tällä kaudella tehdystä työstä näiltä sivuilta.

Espoon Vihreiden kuntavaaliohjelma löytyy täältä. 


Here are some of my goals in English:

The well being of Children and Youth

-small class and group sizes in Schools and Kindergartens
-equality in education, special support for those areas which are not succeeding
-equal right to have early childhood education
-healthy and proper buildings for schools and Nurseries
-long term planning
-quality school food
-actions against bullying
-after school care for first and second graders

Proper basic services

-Good quality and equal access to health services during and after sote-reform
-Youth work, sports and culture need proper funding and recognition as important part of welfare services
-Enough nurses working in home care for elderly people to get rid of too busy schedule and frequent changes in personnel
Prevention of Social exclusion
-Guarantee for upper secondary level education position for everyone after basic education and enough career guidance
-Actions to decrease Youth unemployment
-Children and youth involvement in decision making
-Easy to reach mental and social care services

Biodiversity and Sustainable development

-Nature is the basis of the wellbeing of the people
-Everyday choices in homes and workplaces make difference
-Ecologic, economic and social sustainability as overall aim
-The Execution of the Climate program has to proceed promptly, coal-free Espoo by 2020!
-The awarded effort for Sustainable development in Espoo has to keep on, with emphasis on public transport in spite of the misfortunes with the Subway. The future well being is the ultimate goal In Green City

Entrepreneurship and social responsibility

-The improvement of conditions of small and medium enterprises is reasonable and cost-effective economic policy.
-The ones in weakest position has to be taken care of. Equality is the foundation, upon which functional and caring multicultural Espoo can be built
-The unemployed people in Espoo are diverse, there is need for different means to the support their job seeking and life as a whole.

Everyone should be heard

-The co-operation of city, third sector, companies and the people should be improved.
-The voice of the people has to be heard already in the early stage of decision-making process. The decision-making has to be transparent and open.
-gross sectoral work, ability to change, better use of ICT would improve the quality of services